ACTUM Digital, a company lead by entrepreneurs Tomáš Vondráček, Jan Havel and Ratibor Líbal is opening the first local center of expertise focusing on Cloud services from Google. It will be staffed by 50 specially trained developers with a prestigious certification obtained directly from Google Cloud. They will be able to help both Czech and Central European companies with their transition to a higher level of digitization, most importantly with software applications for Cloud, thus contributing to the recovery of the business sector currently weakened by the pandemic.

The new center, headed by the already established company ACTUM Digital, will…

GKE Autopilot is GA! That means less stress for me as an SRE guy who's taking care of the cluster, better SLA for the applications and clients, etc. but it has its own dark side as well I will describe some of it here.

What is GKE Autopilot?

Autopilot is a new mode of operation for creating and managing Kubernetes clusters in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). In this mode, GKE configures and manages the underlying infrastructure, including nodes and node pools enabling users to only focus on the target workloads and pay per pod resource requests (CPU, memory, and ephemeral storage). …

This is a personal story, how it started!

After I left my job as Migration Squad Lead in June 2020 I took the summer to think about what's next for me in the IT world. Took some time, but I decided to try something new, build a division together with our experienced division director Jan.

First steps

My official position was Google Cloud Expert, but my job description was and I would say it still is a green field. In my first days, I was just looking around my new company, met with all the important people, and gained insights into that…

A client asked me to prepare an SMB mount behind a VPN to access the integration partner's data. An easy way is to deploy VM, install OpenVPN and deploy the application there, but almost everything is running on GKE then I wanted to explore what options I do have there.

VPN Setup

The easy part was the VPN, the client provided me with OpenVPN config and I just did 2 simple steps:

  • create a VM with IP Forwarding ON and static internal IP (terraformed)

I was using Sinopia NPM registry for a long time and everything worked just fine but with a move to Kubernetes I was looking for a better solution and I found project what’s a lightweight NPM proxy registry basically it’s Sinopia fork.

They have few examples based on docker and cool HELM chart but I’m not using HELM in my clusters but this example is inspired by it. My Source code is here:

Because I’m running most of the workloads on GCE I wanted to use only Google services and GCS storage plugin is still experimental and I…

Time by time we need to copy data from a container inside Kubernetes (GKE), for example, dumps for debugging. Those files can be pretty big and shared between multiple developers and I don’t like downloading them to my laptop, then I found a way how to do it easily inside google cloud and even Dev friendly.

Go to GCE web interface, connect to cluster viaCloud Shell.

mkdir ~/dumps                #create folder in your home directory
gcsfuse core-dumps ~/dumps #mount storage core-dumps

Find pod name and required file path and name.

kubectl cp <pod_name>:<file_path/file_name> dumps/<file_name>

Disconnect storage:

fusermount -u ~/dumps

If you know those files are temporary and you need them only for few days, it’s good practice to set lifecycle to don’t forget to delete them.

If you have a better way, let me know in comments, thanks.


Tomáš Papež

I'm passionate about all things Cloud, management, leadership and currently digging into data world.

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